These are photos from Kevin and Christina Montgomery's wedding Summer of '98 Fremont, California.

I have taken too long to get these photos online, so I am putting them online as they are. I did want to clean them up a little, crop and compress them more, but I can do that and add more in the fullness of time. Meanwhile enjoy, and please don't mind too much waiting for them to download!

I have another twenty photos or so to put online but these represent a hilight. It was a very special day that we all waited a long time for. I am very happy I could share the day with Kevin, Christina, the boys, and a group of wonderfull friends and family.

Please email me if you can fill in the gaps in my descriptions, have comments, or have some more photos you would like me to put online. I especialy want a copy of the UDEL group friend photo the photographer took after the ceremony.