Ken's DirectAnimation Resources


I am Ken Greenebaum and I belonged to the DirectAnimation core team for over four years until the project was discontinued by Microsoft. As I am still a believer in the technology and the concepts it attempted to implement I am providing this webpage to share what I know.


Perhaps the fastest way to familiarize yourself with a technology is to play with the demos. Consequently I setup the DA Gallery. I encourage you to right click and view source where appropriate to learn more about how these demos were created. Initially the gallery is made up of demos and examples created by the DA team and released via DXMedia SDKs. I will be adding quality examples from DA users as time provides. Please email examples you would like to share to me!

Very fast Pre-History:

Conal, Salim, Ricky and Greg were working on TBAG and MediaFlow technologies which employed the functional language paradigm to control media. While presenting the TBAG paper at SIGGRAPH '94 after Scott McNealy killed their division and project they included a team for hire slide at the end of the presentation.

Computer graphics pioneer Jim Kajiya, now at Microsoft, realizing that a system like TBAG was needed to tame his Talisman graphics architecture recruited the Sun team to Microsoft one by one. Many Kubota people joined Microsoft and the Talisman team after Kubota folded. I was recruited from Silicon Graphics at SIGGRAPH '95 while on sabbatical.

Names associated with the Appelles technology at Microsoft:

Systems Direct Animation has shipped in:

Millennium may be the last of the line. Rumor has it that DA was pulled from Whistler.

Microsoft applications that used Direct Animation/HTML+TIME

Microsoft Appelles team members:

Here is a quick list of DirectAnimation information (I will augment time providing):